Shake and Grow Liquid Two-6oz Bottles

Shake and Grow Liquid can be used on all types of plants including flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, grasses, roses, palms, indoor plants, tropical plants, cactus and succulents and giant pumpkins. Mix 1 tbls. into 1 gallon of water. Apply as a soil drench or to plant leaves with a hand sprayer. Please check out the special instructions for the Tree and Atlantic Giant Pumpkins on the Pumpkin Growers page

35 oz Bag Shake and Grow Plant Food Supplement Granular-Silver

Save money  by using the 35 oz refill bag. This is just the ticket for your plants to get their garden started.The Shake and Grow refill bag is easy to use and refill the container you already have. Just cut the top of the bag, pour in Shake and Grow and reseal after pouring into the container.