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       We hope you are having a safe and enjoyable summer.   Many people are spending more time outdoors and working in their gardens. We would like to thank our Shake and grow gardeners that have taken the time to write in with your favorite gardening tips. Here are some of the tips we have received:

For better health of your tomato plant remove the bottom branches up to one foot from the soil and grow on a trillis to keep your fruit off the ground..
Debbi D. Master Gardener

When you go out of the house, be sure to bring plastic zippered  snack or jewelry bags, to collect seeds and cuttings and a sharpie for labeling what
you collected.
Katherine A.

Plant veggies in a wheel barrel and you can easily move around the plants depending on the amount of light required.
Debbi\ D. Master Gardener

During super hot temperatures do not overwater. Water deeply and mist your plants to help cool them..
Frank aka the Plant Doctor

Your yard will look so nice when on vacation or out walking you collect driftwood, shells and other items to make your own yard art.
Katherine A.

Now is an excellent time to apply Shake and Grow to  help strengthen the plant and improve root growth and fruiting.
Frank aka the Plant Doctor

Growing a garden can take time, patience and hard work.
Jayden H.12 years old

Do not underwater and let your plant be your guide.
Eleanor B.

Stay hydrated and lift with your legs.
Foster C.-Mc. Chiropractor

Preschoolers sprinkling on “Magic Pumpkin Dust” on their pumpkins.

Free Shaker Bottles 

Many of you have noticed and asked us why we have had to discontinue the sales of the 14 ounce container shaker bottles. We have done this to comply with the CA packaging and container laws. These bottles have been very popular with our customers and while supplies last we are giving them away with any new purchase of the granular shake and grow.  You can request a container in the comment section of your invoice. We do have a limited supply of different colored lids that we’re happy to include for families that would like individual colored caps or for preschools.

Thank You For Your Support

We look forward to hearing your plant and garden tips. The picture above shows some of the ladies getting ready to use Shake and Grow at their ladies retreat when they planted flowers. We can’t wait to see pictures of your flowers in a few weeks! Thank you ladies for the pictures, support and prayer we have received. We want to thank you all for supporting our small business.

Happy Gardening,

Forward Forward
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