Shake and Grow Applicator Instructions

This is a how to video that shows you how simple it is to make your own Shake and Grow Extension Applicator. It makes it easy to apply your Shake and Grow to your Atlantic Giant Pumpkins, roses, or plants of any kind.

DIY: Do It Yourself:


The Shake and Grow Extension Pole


Ever had troubles bending over or kneeling to apply Shake and Grow in your garden?  Do hard to reach plants or thorns get neglected during application?  Here is an easy to make Shake and Grow Extension Pole that can be help!  Build it yourself at home with just a few materials that you can find around the house.




  • 14 oz. empty plastic Shake and Grow bottle
  • 3’ of 1”-1/2” ½” PVC pipe
  • duck tapepvc pole bottle




Step 1: Place the Shake and Grow bottle on top of PVC pipe.


gail pole


Step 2: Attach the bottle to the pipe with the duct tape until the bottle is secured.

bottle pvc attached




Step 3: Fill bottle with Shake and Grow and replace dispensing lid tightly on top. Apply Shake and Grow to plants!



bottle pvc attached





shake and grow shaker and plants

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