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LaVonne’s Desert Treasures


Dear Hidden Creations, 

I would like to express my delight in using Shake and Grow.  I have been using Shake and Grow now for 5 years and I am so amazed at the great results I have experienced with your product! I own a small nursery and I use Shake and Grow on everything with great results, such as greener and stronger plants. It helps prevent and even take away yellowing in my plants due to various reasons. When I re-pot my plants, I notice a strong healthy root system, beautiful flowers and just all around better plants. When I see a plant that is not doing good, especially after a hard winter, I just give it a few shakes of your product. The recovery from stress I notice within a few weeks is amazing! I so love Shake and Grow that I now use it on a large scale and purchase it in bulk. Nothing is grown at our nursery without it. Thank you for a fabulous product! I am truly a happy customer. Please look at the beautiful blooms I get from my cactus and succulents.

Beautiful Cactus
Beautiful Cactus

Lavonne Edwards
LaVonne’s Desert Treasures




I work in an accounting office. I have a skylight and no other outside view. There is also no way for air to circulate from outside. This
Karen The Brown Thumb Saves Her Plant
Karen The Brown Thumb Saves Her Plant

makes potted plants important to the general feel and health of my office. I generally have a very “brown-thumb”, but due to the Shake and Grow that I buy from Gail, I have been paying more attention to the health of these plants and they are doing beautifully! The large plant behind me was destined for the rubbish heap when I appropriated it, believing I could do it no more harm than it was destined for anyway. After about 2 months of Shake and Grow, it is putting out some new leaves. With the success of this plant, I have been inspired to pot up the arrangement I am holding and it too is doing well. Thank you Gail for introducing me to Shake and Grow! Karen Fulmer
Jerome B Crippen & Associates
Marysville, California

Jan's Fern Grew Bigger Than Before
Jan’s Fern Grew Bigger Than Before
Dear Gail, 

I’m totally stoked by the growth and improvement in my plants, especially my ferns.  The stem strength is significantly better, which makes my floral arrangements more attractive and long lasting!

Jan Duke
Keller Williams Realty

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