Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

Lot Atlantic Giant Pumpkins

Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Use Directions

40 lb Bag Shake and Grow

1.    Apply to any actively growing plants with an established root system & irrigate after each application.

2.    Make your first application when plants first emerge (1-2 true leaves) and/or 1 to 2 days after transplanting.  Additional applications can be made on a 7 to 14 day interval.

3.    Shake and Grow can be applied with your dry fertilizer applications and your  mycorhyzae applications.

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Lot Atlantic Giant Pumpkins

Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Growing Seed Germination Transplanting Supply List

  •         Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Seeds
  •         Plastic dish tub
  •         Incubator: Large Ice chest or similar size clear storage bin/tub with lid /Dome
  •         Presoak Container
  •         Air stone and pump
  •         2-3 pots (6”-8”)
  •         Seed Starter Potting Soil
  •         Fertilizer
  •         Shake and Grow
  •         Seaweed -Powder
  •         Plant Heat Mat
  •         Thermostat Control
  •         Tweezers
  •         Nail file
  •         Knife/Fork
  •         Rubber Gloves-Do not touch seeds or young plants
  •         Plant Tray or something to elevate pots in incubator

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