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Shake and Grow Products
Shake and Grow Products
What is Shake and Grow and how does it work? 
Shake and Grow Plant Food Supplement is an easy to use granular and liquid product which contains a proprietary blend of natural occurring amino acids and proteins.
What is the difference between plant food and a plant food supplement?
Plant food is necessary for normal growth and development. Shake and Grow Plant food Supplement is something to be added to and in addition to your regular fertilizer and watering program. 

If my plants are healthy how does Shake and Grow work?
When applied every 2 to 4 weeks, Shake and Grow will help to maintain plant health and vigor.  Be sure to fertilize and water regularly. 

Do I need to water my plants and care for them when using Shake and Grow?  
Yes, Shake and Grow does not make up for lack of water, excessive watering or neglect.

How often do I apply the Shake and Grow to my plants? How much should I use on my 6”-8” potted plant?

Apply 4 to 6 shakes of the granular every three to four weeks for most plants.The liquid is applied every 2 weeks. Please check out the special instructions for the Atlantic Giant Pumpkins on the Pumpkin Growers page.

Is Shake and Grow Organic?
Although Shake and Grow consists of natural occurring materials, Hidden Creations has not certified Shake and Grow with the organic regulatory groups. 
Can I use Shake and Grow in my watering can?
Yes, the liquid can be used in a watering can or in a spray bottle The granular Shake and Grow product is designed to be applied directly to the soil. 


Beautiful Cactus
Beautiful Cactus


Can Shake and Grow be used on indoor plants as well as outdoor plants?

Shake and Grow can be used on all types of plants including flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, grasses, roses, palms, indoor plants, tropical  plants, cactus and succulents.
Can Shake and Grow be used any time of the year on my plants?
Shake and Grow can be used on any plants that are actively growing. It will not work on dormant plants.
lexi blue white redIs Shake and Grow made in the United States? Yes, Shake and Grow is made in the United States.
How does Shake and Grow work?
Shake and Grow is readily absorbed through the roots.
Safe for pets and children
Safe for pets and children


Is Shake and Grow safe for plants, people and my pets?

Shake and Grow consists of naturally occurring compounds that are safe for plants, people and pets but should be kept out of reach of children. Be sure to read the Shake and Grow label for recommended application .



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