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“The Product of Champions”

Thank you for visitng the home page of Shake and Grow. The judges have named Shake and Grow a 2014 American Made Martha Stewart Awards finalist.

As Seen on TV


Courtney from "Good Day Sacramento" on location in Yuba City
Courtney from “Good Day Sacramento” on location in Yuba City .

Shake and Grow  had the honor of being interviewed by Courtney from the Good Day Sacramento TV Show. Below are three links to the different segments. Hope you have as much fun watching them as we did being interviewed.

Click here to watch Good Day Sacramento Giant Produce-About Shake and Grow

Click here to watch Good Day Sacramento-Giant Produce Secrets

Click here to watch Good Day Sacramento-What Is a Pomelo?

 Click here to read the Article in the Appeal Democrat about the Shake and Grow Business


What is Shake and Grow?

Vegetables -cherry tomatoes and peppers
Vegetables-cherry tomatoes and peppers

Shake and Grow plant food supplement is an American made easy to use granular product for vigorous plants and beautiful flowers all year long. Shake and Grow can be used on any rooted plant including veggies, flowers, roses and is an excellent fit for your garden! It is an all purpose plant food supplement that can be applied to your actively growing plants any time of the year.

Home Garden Tour-English Rose Garden
Home Garden Tour-English Rose Garden

Since I’ve been using Shake and Grow on my English Garden, I’ve experienced exceptional growth and extraordinary blooms!People constantly stop by the house now to comment on my flowers and want to know my secret! Shake and Grow produces nearly miraculous results! And it is so easy! I do the “Shakin and the flowers do the Growing!: I have been a flower lover all my life and there is no product that comes even close to the phenomenal results I’ve experienced with Shake and Grow!

Cheryl Bryan,
Yuba City CA

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Worlds 3rd Largest Pumpkin Grown Uses Shake and Grow Is the Secret! Oct 2011

Largest Giant Pumpkin Grown this side of the Mississippi weighing 1649.5 Credit Given to God & Shake and Grow!!

Champion Atlantic Giant Pumpkin
Champion Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

click here to read more from the article in the newspaper

Shake and Grow Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Winner: Part 1
What Makes A Winner

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