Shake and Grow Distributor in Tennessee

[email protected]

Shake and Grow is happy to announce we have a distributor in Tennessee. My name is Becky and I live in Nashville, TN and love gardening, vegetables & flowers. I want to grow better, bigger plants without harm to the environment. I am a senior and I have a Garden Party every year (we swap plants & stories with light refreshment). We seem to be growing in numbers. People think I’m an expert (NOT) but I do enjoy gardening with my husband. We put in a lot of work and my number of containers is about 100. I am blessed with 15 grandchildren, ages 4 to 26. I love to travel and have been on mission trips to Ireland, Italy, Mexico & Brazil. If you are in the Nashville area and would like to order or want more information on Shake and Grow please contact me. [email protected]

Welcome Becky to our Shake and Grow team!!

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